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When Apps and Crypto Come Together

1Tronic Network continues to develop the $1TRC marketplace to increase the value of the token. After PancakeSwap, SushiSwap, Bilaxy, BankCEX, and Digiasset Exchange, $1RC will be trading on Coinsbit (, starting Thursday (2/09/2021),
$1TRC will trade with the pairs 1TRC/BNB and 1TRC/USDT. With the wider market, it is expected that $1TRC will be increasingly recognized in the world community.

1Tronic Network will also complete 1Tronicswap’s Defi application facilities, Staking and Farming. This will complement the Swap facility which was first launched. The final stage of the 1TronicSwap plan is to complete the Launchpad facility.

Then, for off-chain innovation, the completion…

1Tronic Network today, Tuesday (24/8/2020) at 12.00 Jakarta time or 05.00 am UTC, started trading 1TRC with the IDR (Rupiah) as pair. 1TRC/IDR pair can be obtained on the Digiasset Exchange or you can access the website address

The 1TRC/IDR pair was opened to make it easier for Indonesian investors to invest in 1TRC. So far, many Indonesian cryptocurrency investors like to invest using fiat rupiah to buy a crypto asset.

With the 1TRC/IDR pair listed, 1TRC is now traded in four pairs they are 1TRC/BNB, 1TRC/BUSD, 1TRC/USDT, and 1TRC/IDR. 1TRC is also listed in five markets, both DEX…

The classic Bank Payment Point Online is an online payment system using banking facilities. In this case, the payment referred to can vary, ranging from electricity charges, health insurance, water usage, telephone, credit, internet, data packages, insurance, credit cards, multi finance, and game vouchers.

1TRONIC bring this classic Bank Payment Point Online technology by providing an alternative payment using crypto assets. It is called Crypto and Bank Payment Point (CBPP).

The platform with the Referral Reward Program, will offer a 3-level referral structure that allows every user to earn rewards when their referral friends earn rewards on the platform.

1TRONIC Network

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